Why and how to use Instagram automatic software.

Instagram’s popularity is seeing exponential growth in the past few years. In June 2018 it has reached a new milestone of 100 million active users every single month. According to analysts, these numbers are not going down anytime soon.

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If you own a company or an aspiring entrepreneur, you cannot ignore Instagram for your social media promotion. However, just like any other social media site, growing a loyal user base of followers around your product or business is a herculean task. It demands a lot of time, effort, and money spent wisely in the right direction.

Two Steps to Achieve Success with Instagram

The primary step in achieving success with Instagram is understanding how it works, and the ways through which you can attract substantial and laser targeted followers towards your account or profile.

The second step is automating certain tasks. You might be thinking, automation could be a bad idea especially considering the fact that your followers are real people, and most of them do not really want to follow a bot. And you are right with your judgment. However, you need to know that as humans we are bound to certain limitations and its natural.

Maybe you will feel overwhelmed initially as you start using Instagram. But, managing a social media account is an exhaustive task. Truth be told, most popular social media accounts on the internet are automated in one way or the other.

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Why do you think Social media sites like Facebook, and YouTube has a feature called scheduling built-in? So that you can schedule your posts ahead in time and reduce the time you spend on posting those content on a daily basis. Scheduling is a type of automation that lets the users of these platforms take advantage of.

Having said that, you can very well automate other tasks on social media sites as well. All you need is the right set of tools at your disposal to achieve it. We will get to see one such tool that is specifically designed for Instagram in this guide (little later).

Before we dwell into the tool, we need to know some of the basics of Instagram, how it works, and how you can reach out to people who might be interested in your product or profile.

Step 1: Knowing the basics.

Instagram is a media-oriented social network. You can share relevant content with your followers in two ways. Through videos or through pictures. Instagram also supports another type of content called stories. Stories are basically slideshows either made out of videos or pictures. The lifetime of stories is 24 hours and they disappear after this time frame. However, stories have a better reach to your followers. This makes it very effective and useful for business promotions.

Merely posting pictures and informative videos do not really bring in people to watch your content. Most likely it will go unnoticed if you do not promote it the right way.

You can promote your posts on Instagram in many ways. I will try to list some of the basic and organic methods here. These methods are as follows.

1. Hashtags

2. Following other user accounts

3. Direct messaging

4. Liking other people’s post

5. Commenting on other people’s posts

6. Tagging brands, locations, and followers

Hashtags: If you are not new to social media, you might be familiar with hashtags. Whenever someone posts a picture or video on Instagram, they mostly use a hashtag(#) that tells you what the post is about. For example, if you want to post a picture of your birthday cake, you might want to add a hashtag like #birthdaycake #mybirthdaycake, etc… As you can see this kind of conveys what your picture is about. It is more like adding a title to your content.

With hundreds of millions of users on Instagram, you cannot really go through each individual’s posts on the site to find the content of your liking. The easiest way to access posts of your interest is through hashtags.

You should not only use hashtags that promote your Instagram but also are a generalized, community hashtag that is specific to your brand.  Examples of this might be #catsmeow(kittens), #strawberrygirl(redheads/gingers), or #sweettreats(cookie bakery).

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You can search for a hashtag on Instagram and you will immediately find interesting content that are related to it. Good thing is, most people subscribe or follow the hashtags of their interest.

When you use a hashtag on your posts, those posts will end up in a huge pile of other posts made with the same hashtag. With millions of users searching and looking for popular hashtags and its contents all the time, you will increase the chances of your contents viewed by other users by simply adding few hashtags to your posts.

Following other people or user accounts: When you follow someone from Instagram, the user whom you have followed gets a notification that you have followed him or her. Sometimes there is a chance that this person wants to look through your profile and your posts. If they find your content interesting, there is a good chance that they might follow you back.

Direct messaging: This kind of works like Facebook chat. If you want to contact someone directly you head to their profile and direct message them. Chances are they will see your message and look through its contents, and eventually end up looking up your profile and posts. However, most people do not like a stranger direct messaging them and block unknown users from contacting them through this feature. So, if you want to use this feature, make sure to use it wisely.

Liking Other People’s Posts: I am very sure, you will look through the list of people who have liked your posts or photos on social media. Chances are that you might also look through some of those interesting profiles of people who liked your content. This psychology holds true to other users of Instagram as well. You can take advantage of this behavior to attract more people to look through your profile and content.

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Commenting on other people’s posts: Making comments on other people’s posts grabs the attention of other users who follow the person and the person himself. If they find your profile interesting there is a good chance that they might follow your profile.

Tagging brands, locations, and followers:  By tagging brands, locations, and followers, you can help to promote yourself on Instagram.  When you tag others, you are essentially giving yourself a big shoutout to yourself.  Even if it is in a subtle way, others will still notice it.    It is essential to tag your location as well because potential customers may start exploring your brand, especially if you attend events in their area quite a bit.

Now that you have a basic idea of how you can gather people’s attention towards your profile and eventually attract followers, we will proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Automation

You can very well do all the tasks mentioned above on your own without the help of any software or bot. However, it is not as easy as it appears. In order to achieve success with Instagram or any social media sites, you need to be consistent and active.

If you own a business, you will probably know the value of your time. It is highly impossible for you to spend a huge chunk of your working hours on social media sites. However, without social media promotion, you will be missing on hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

You can hire a full-time social media guy to take care of the promotions on Instagram. However, that will be an expensive option which can lead to a bad return on investment.

The cheapest and most effective way to get your job done is through Instagram bot from instazood.

What is an Instagram bot?

An Instagram bot is a piece of software that pretends like a real person on Instagram and does the job of liking, commenting, direct messaging, following, and unfollowing people’s profiles. Everything is done while you spend your time creating engaging content for your followers.  Many individuals prefer these to a growth service for your IG account.

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The nice thing about using an Instagram bot is that it increases the number of times a person sees your account.  Your account will be seen many more times on another person’s feed, so, therefore your profile visits can be increased.  This may, in turn, increase your followers or your likes.

In this guide, we will go through one of the most popular Instagram followers generator, and Instagram liker app.

Instazood is used by thousands of business owners on Instagram to increase their followers and to attract potential clients.

How to use Instazood?

Before you start using the service, you need to sign up and choose one of their plans. You can check out their pricing plans. Their popular plan starts at $9.99 for one month which includes Auto Follow, auto like, Auto comment, Auto unfollow, and activity filters (we will go through this in a moment).

If you want more control over your account and its contents, then you can choose other plans that are primarily focused on comments, direct messages, and post manager.

In this guide, we will stick with the Instagram bot.

After you have successfully signed up your account on instazood, start by logging into your dashboard.

Instazood is a 100 percent online tool, so you do not have to go through the hazels of downloading the software to your computer and installing the same. This means you can control your account and its activity from anywhere using your mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Once you have logged into your dashboard you will it is divided into two sections. The left side has a list of your Instagram accounts (yes you can manage more than one Instagram account), and the right side is where you control your account activity and it has four main sections.

1. Promotion
2. Posts
4. Direct

Promotion: This is the main area where you add your targets, and optimize the settings of your account to your needs. We will go through the settings and targets in a moment.

Posts: This section is where you schedule your posts so that your account remains active even while you are busy with your other commitments. To access this section, you need to subscribe to “post manager”.

Comments: By default, instazood provides you with a set of comment templates, which the Instagram bot will use while commenting on other people’s posts. Having said that, you are free to make your own set of comments that will be used by the bot as well. Before you use this area, make yourself familiar with the comment template and how it works.

Direct: In this section, you can alter the settings of direct messages and compose your own direct message which can be sent to your followers and other profiles.

Note: You need to subscribe to direct messages separately to use this feature.

I want to get back to the Promotion section because that is where the real action takes place.

Adding Targets

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One of the basic steps you need to do before getting started with your automation process is adding targets.

For example, if you own a recipe website or blog and what to gather followers to your account based on it. Then you need to attract followers who will be interested in the topic. For that, you need to place your targets on accounts and hashtags that are related to your niche.

If you have a list of accounts of your competitors who have a huge following, then it makes more sense to place their accounts as your targets. Additionally, you can also add hashtags that are related to your niche.

Once you are done adding your targets, the next step will be to optimize your settings.

Optimizing the settings

To the top right corner of your promotion area, you will find a settings button with a gear icon. It will reveal a new set of options that controls the way how your Instagram bot functions. It is important to optimize the settings properly in order to avoid getting flagged by the Instagram algorithm. So, follow along with the instructions carefully.

Settings are divided into five sections which are

1. Actions
2. Filters
3. Unfollow
4. Comment
5. Limits


You can alter the settings like activity speed, follow, like, and night pause in this area.

Activity speed determines how fast you want the Instagram bot to perform the tasks. If your account is new, then it is best to keep this setting at slow.  Slow is a speed that is safe for the account, for at least the first couple of days.  After that, you may wish to go to normal speed, which should then be used for the rest of the first month.  If you have an old account, you can move up to a fast speed.  Accounts that are not very valuable may also benefit from a faster speed.

Follow + like: Enabling this option will follow the people under your target and like their posts. This will increase your profile’s exposure and is highly recommended you keep it active.

Comment + likes: This option will make the bot to leave one of the predefined comments on people’s posts and also like the post.

Viewing stories + likes: This option will leave additional likes to the user posts and thereby increases the chances of your profile getting viewed.

Min likes: This is the minimum amount of likes the bot will leave per user’s posts.

Max likes: This is the maximum number of likes the bot will leave per user’s posts.

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Night pause: Leaving this option checked will automatically shut off all the actions in your profile during night times. If your Instagram account is a new one, then leaving this option checked is a good idea.


Check gender: Some businesses might need to focus on people belonging to a particular gender. For example, if you own an e-commerce website that solely sells women outfits, then it makes more sense to target women users. If your business demands to target a particular gender, then you can set it up here.

Median age: This option lets you target people who are really active and post content regularly to their account. By setting your median age to a recent time frame like 1 or 2 days, the bot will leave comments and likes on posts that are posted in the recent past.

Skip used accounts: Leaving this option ticked will make the Instagram bot to skip the accounts it has already left a like or comment on.
Max followers: This option instructs the bot to target accounts that have only a specific number of followers. Setting this option to a nominal number can potentially increase your conversion rate. As people with huge following usually do not go through every comment, likes, and followers they get on a regular basis.

Max following: You do not want to follow an account where the user goes crazy about following a huge number of profiles. This option lets you focus on accounts that only have a specific number of following.

Min posts: This number represents the min number of posts that need to be present in an account for targeting.

Skip business accounts: Instagram offers two types of accounts, personal and business. Business accounts are usually run by other business or your competitors. If you want to avoid business accounts then you need to switch on this option.

Skip accounts with a website: For some reason, you do not want to focus on people with a website or blog attached to their account, then you can use this option.

Skip accounts with phone number: Accounts with phone numbers are usually business accounts, if you want to skip these accounts from being targeted by your bot then use this option.

Select Language: If you prefer to target users based on the language they use in their profile, you can use this option to set your language preference.

Skip 10% accounts: This option lets your bot to look more human to Instagram. Enabling this option will skip 10% of the accounts the Instagram finds at a time.

Blacklist: If you have a set of accounts that you want your bot to avoid completely, then you can list those accounts here.

Skip private users: Some profiles are set to private by its respective users. Normally, a private profile means the user is not open to strangers who might want to follow them or leave comments on their posts. It is a good idea to keep this option switched on.


A healthy profile is one that has a huge number of followers as opposed to the number of following. Once you start to gather a good number of followers to your account, it makes sense to unfollow the user accounts in order to maintain a healthy balance. All the options in this section let you control just that.

It instructs you how to unfollow user accounts in your following list. If you want certain accounts to gain immunity against automatic unfollowing, then you can add those accounts to the whitelist.


This area lets you predefine the comments your Instagram bot will post on targeted user accounts. You can access the help section in message format on top or ask for help from the support team on how to format your comments properly.

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It is very important you optimize the options in this section properly. If you are not sure about any option, then leave it to defaults. If you set the values too high, you will directly increase your chances of getting banned by Instagram. Additionally, the options are really straightforward. With little thinking, you will know what is humanly possible and set the values accordingly.

With all the options set to your needs, you can start running your campaign and check your conversion rates on each targeted accounts and hashtags. Instazood recommends a conversion rate of at least 15% on a targeted account. If you find the conversion rate falling below these expected numbers, you can remove it and add new targets.

You will also find handy switches on target accounts for comments, likes follows, and viewing stories. These switches can be turned on and off for experimentation purposes.

Pros of using Instazood

• Engage with hundreds of user accounts and user posts on a daily basis

• Comment and like posts on laser targeted audience

• Target user accounts based on language and gender

• Schedule an unlimited number of posts which helps you to keep your account active

• Gather more targeted followers even while you are not physically accessing Instagram

• Direct message followers and potential customers

• Low cost and affordable pricing

• Ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts

• Dedicated support team

Cons of Instazood

• There is no built-in proxy (you can, however, set up a proxy IP purchased elsewhere)

• Make your newsfeed look spammy

• Predefined comments may appear insincere to users or irrelevant

• May end up leaving comments and likes on inappropriate pictures and videos

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Although there are certain disadvantages to having an Instagram bot to do the hard work for you, the pros far outweigh the cons. Additionally, instazood has a vibrant community of users and a dedicated support team who are always there to help you with any difficulties you might face while using the tool.  Working smarter, not harder, is always advised in anything that you do.  This is the reason why you need a high-quality Instagram bot to help you in the hard work.