Why an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram was initially designed with individuals in mind. However, as it surged in popularity across the globe, the company decided to broaden its playground and introduced business profiles in the year 2016. Ever since its introduction many individuals, influencers, and entrepreneurs have switched their profile to a business account due to several advanced features it offers.

What is an Instagram Business Profile?

An Instagram business profile is in many ways similar to a personal profile. However, it comes with its own set of features and tools which a business person or an entrepreneur takes advantage of to promote their product or business in the best way possible. If you are one of those business owners or a solo entrepreneur who want to promote your brand or product on Instagram, then switching to a business account would make more sense.

Having said that, you will lose a couple of privileges while using a business account, and they are.

  1. Your account’s ability to make the profile or a post private.
  2. Your account’s ability to link to multiple Facebook pages.

However, these decisions are rationally justified. You do not really want to hide your business or business profile from your followers or customers. Also, linking multiple Facebook fan pages to your official account will only lead to more confusion for your clients or add a bit more load in keeping up with you. Primary idea is to keep it simple and keep it straight.

Note: It is mandatory to have a Facebook page for which you have the administrative rights in order to make the switch over.

Does having a business account limit your reach?

There was a common fear among many Instagram users that switching their Instagram profile to a business one would limit their reach as opposed to a normal one. This fear is rooted in the fact that when Facebook first introduced pages, many people noticed the reach of their business pages on Facebook took a hit when compared to Facebook profiles.

It is very normal to assume that Instagram business profiles might place itself in the same situation. Especially when considering the fact that Facebook now owns Instagram. This belief, however, was quickly brushed aside as most users did not find their business profiles on Instagram is compromised in a major way in terms of its organic reach.

What are the features and tools that come with an Instagram business profile?

This is an obvious question, what makes the switch really worth it? The answer is the tools and cool features that will be enabled on your account after the successful conversion. Let us go through them one at a time.

1. Instagram Insights or Analytics

An average Instagram user has limited access to his account’s analytics and performance statistics. If you are a business owner, you will find these reports extremely limiting. In order to overcome this problem, Instagram offers its business account users with Instagram insights tool.

With insights, you can easily track the activities of your users and how they engage with your individual posts or your account on the whole. Insights do provide you with some really vital information about your users or followers which you can use it to your advantage for your own growth.

You can access the insights in two ways, the first way is to view the insights for the individual posts. To do this tap into any of your posts and underneath the post, you will find an option called “view insights”

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When you tap the option, you will see the number of likes, comments, saves, profile visits, and reach it has got from your followers. But, this is not all the information you have access to.

You can press and swipe up on this information to reveal more data and insights into that particular posts like the number of “website clicks” it generated, number of followers you gained from it, number of impressions it made. We will get into impressions in a moment.

The second way you can access insights is by tapping the insights menu present at the top right corner of your profile.

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Unlike the first way, this option reveals analytics of your entire profile. Once you get into this option, you will notice it is divided into three sections.

  1. Activity
  2. Content
  3. Audience

Activity: This section reveals information about user’s interaction with your profile which includes profile visits, website clicks, emails, Get Directions, and so on.

Content: This section tells you the number of posts you made for a particular time period, and also shows the number of times they were seen by your followers.

Audience: This section reveals some important inside information about your followers like their gender, geolocation, age, and the time period they are most active for each day in a week.

Reach vs Impressions

One of the things in insights that often confuse the users is the difference in reach and impressions.

Reach denotes the raw number of users who have gone through your posts.

Impressions denote the number of times your users have accessed your posts. For example, if a user has gone through one of your posts five times then the post will have one reach and five impressions.

The difference in these numbers can help you to identify the posts that your followers love the most. If you notice a post with a greater number of impressions over its reach, then it means your users really love it and you can make similar posts in the future to increase your engagement.

2. Ability to Add a Contact Button

Having a business account on Instagram will let you add a contact button to your profile. Using this feature, you can allow your users to contact you through text, email, call, or ask for directions to your workplace or office on a map so that they can reach you directly. This feature is very vital for any business or brand, and the Instagram business account fulfills the need.

3. Swipe up Feature

With a normal Instagram account, you do not have the option to add external links to your posts or stories, and the only place you can have a link is in your profile. However, with a business account, you will have the option to attach an external link to your individual stories. This is a big game-changer for people who use Instagram for business purposes. Many people reported that they have seen a huge surge in their traffic to their websites from Instagram.

Note: You need to have at least 10,000 followers on your Instagram profile to unlock this feature.

4. Immunity from Penalization

This has got something to do with the issue we have discussed earlier. Many people and entrepreneurs believe that switching their account to a business one will limit the level of reach. Instagram wanted to put an end to this rumor and made it official that business accounts will be immune to penalties from their algorithm. This directly means business accounts will not get limited in any way in terms of reach as opposed to a normal account.

5. Ability to make promoted posts

This is another area where a business account comes in real handy. If you have a budget and want to promote or boost the reach of your Instagram posts or stories, you can do so by running ads on posts that you want to be promoted.

Instagram promoted posts that works similarly to a Facebook page’s promoted post. You can choose the demography, gender, and age of the people to whom you want to promote your posts for better conversion. Again, you cannot have this option with a normal account.


How to Switch your Personal Account to Business Account on Instagram?

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In order to switch your personal account to a business one, you need to go to your profile page and tap on the gear icon at the top right corner.

Once you tap the gear icon, you will be taken to options section where you will find an option called “Switch to business profile”

When you tap on the option you will be asked to link to your Instagram account to your Facebook.

Note: Make sure you haven’t switched on the private account option while performing this step.

After you have successfully linked your Facebook account, you will be asked to connect any of your Facebook pages you have administrative rights for. So, tap on the Facebook page which you would like to be connected to your Instagram account.

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The next step would be to set up your business profile. Here you will be asked to enter your email id, phone number, and address. Enter these details carefully because it will be made public to your customers and followers.

Note: Instagram will also pull up the already existing information on the connected Facebook page for you if it does exist.

After you have verified all the information and you are fine with sharing these pieces of information publicly then tap on done.

If everything went fine, then you will be redirected back to your Instagram profile with a welcome message as shown below.

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To double-check, if everything went fine, click on any of your posts and you should see a couple of new options added to its bottom called “promote”, and view insights respectively.

Obviously, the insights for your new business account will take a while to show up, so do not panic or be in a hurry. You should be able to notice your insights showing up data within one or two days max.


To date, there are well over 25 million business profiles on Instagram.  You will want to make sure that once you have set up your business profile, you stand out among the rest of the profiles.  There are various ways that you can do this.  The best way though is to start small and work your way up.  Forge relationships with people.  Engage with others.  Be true to yourself and to others.  Build your audience up, but also focus on how you are doing it. 

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One great way to show off on Instagram is to add images that will make your viewers take a second look. The images should be eye-popping and make others feel satisfied. And if you can show your product off in action, that is even better. Giving a call to action is essential as well.

We also like customer photos to show off products. You can use images that customers send in showing the product while in use. This is a great way to advertise the product and for others to see how it works on another individual!

The best advice to offer for business accounts is to keep all content fresh and exciting. Consumers want to see unique images and brands. They are bored with the same old products and ways to display them. By coming up with unique ways to show them off, you can really up to your business game!