Instagram Can Work Better Than Your Email List

Looking towards the future, focusing on building your Instagram fan-base may be more effective than an email list. So consider getting ahead of your competition.

Let’s be honest, how many emails do you open that come from a business you subscribed to (probably accidentally)? I instantly mark them as spam and unsubscribe. But believe me, when I get a DM on social media, I’m far more likely to get interested.

So why are you still wasting time on mailing lists?

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No longer the golden days.

It’s no longer the golden days of email, and definitely no longer the golden days of your business email’s open rates. Just look at the numbers of how far open rates, in general, have fallen in email marketing. It’s pretty scary.

Viral Growth

Instagram followers, on the other hand, have a lot of benefits, including viral growth for your fan base. Blasting your email list often has little effect in terms of horizontal growth, or people sharing it with others. On the other hand, the complete opposite is true with your Instagram followers. As you continue to engage with them, the things you share have a much higher chance of raising the attention of their friends, and a result, growing your customer base.

More To Show

You are also able to show much more through your Instagram than a simple email. Sure you can include links to websites and social media within an email message, but who actually clicks on those in reality?

On Instagram, you have the ability to share stories and posts, both videos and images, and even live content, all easily absorbable without much research work. A potential customer can understand your entire business quickly.

New ways to target.

Targeting social networks audiences can be done in numerous ways now, and from what we’ve seen, it is even more effective than spending money on mailing platforms to send out bulk mail. Sure, bulk mail senders give you an “unlimited” number of sends. But think of this, how responsive is your list really going to be after you send one per month. I know personally, I would mark that as spam for just wasting the time of my eyeballs in the morning, that I could be spending on funny YouTube clip that makes my morning brighter.

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You can now market directly to your Instagram fans through multiple means (free and paid). The first being simply posting and adding stories. This alone can have more engagement if done right, than your entire email blast.

Additional forms of free engagement are communicating through chat, or Direct Messages as they are called. Chatting with top fans can be a great way to not only understand your customers and improve your business but also get potentially shared with their friends, for viral growth.

Second is paid engagement, or advertising. This can be done through Instagram ads that directly target your follow list. This has shown to be extreme effective for our clients and may work wonder for your business. Depending on how aggressively you advertise, it may not even cost more than what the email platforms charge for sending their bulk mail.

How we can help your Instagram growth?

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For clients that we help grow their social following, our goal is to drive value growth on social platforms like Instagram, which can then be levered to grow your sales and service clients.