How to earn money from Instagram?


Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms found on the internet today, ranking as the third most popular.  Each month, there are over one billion individuals using Instagram, and it continues to grow at a rather fast pace.   Many individuals are using it to connect with family and friends, while others are using it for business purposes.  Well over half of the individuals on Instagram are Millenials between the ages of 18 and 34.

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What if I told you that you can make money using Instagram? Yes, that is right!  You can make money using this social media platform.   In this article, we will discuss affiliate marketing on Instagram, and some of the best online affiliate merchants to work with. We will also offer our top tips on how to be successful with affiliate marketing on Instagram, as well as offer the top reasons as to why so many fail when they are first starting out.  We will also touch on how to get paid on Instagram using other methods.

Affiliate marketing on Instagram

There are many different merchants online that offer affiliate programs.  Many of these popular options include:

  • Clickbank-  This is open to everyone.  The program has a tier-based commission and mainly deals with digital products, such as ebooks.  Clickbank was one of the first affiliate programs around.  It is very popular as it lets you sign up for a free account.  There are over 10,000 products to promote.  However, some do not feel that the quality of the products is where it should be. Another thing that makes the program very favorable is that they always pay on time with a good commission rate.  Some products have a rate of 75%!  Do take note that in order to be paid at first, you must meet the minimum payment threshold.
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  • CJ Affiliate–  This affiliate program is commonly known as Commission Junction.  There are over 3,000 merchant partners, each offering different services and products.  They have many different niches to pick from for products, from health and beauty to fashion to online services.  Many have found it very easy to use.  Some have seen a delay in the payments, however, this is only because CJ has to wait for payment from the merchants to be sent before paying their affiliates.
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  • Amazon’s Affiliate Program– This affiliate program pays a 10% commission.  It has more than 1.5 million sellers, making it the perfect affiliate program for those that are beginning, as well as those that are pros.  Many like how easy it is to use, while others like the fact that there are so many products to choose from.  Not to mention that Amazon is very popular, with a good majority knowing what Amazon is.   Do note that your Instagram account should be well established, with organic followers and likes.  A good starting number is at least 500.
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  • Reward Style- This affiliate program wants to help you as an influencer grow.  It offers 20% commission, with many niches,  such as fashion, health/wellness, food and beverage, travel, technology, and lifestyle.  Some of their brands include Ulta, ConAir, Everlane, Macy’s, eBay, Bloomingdales, and Reebok.  There are over 4,500 brands to pick from.  Reward Style offers strategies produced by data that will deliver maximum benefits.  After applying, a team member will be in touch to let you know what your next steps are in becoming successful.
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  • Rakuten Linkshare- This user-friendly platform is very easy to sign up with.  You have the ability to deep linking options, allowing you to have the option of which page you send traffic to.  It also has dynamic ad rotation, which many find very useful.  This will also make it easier in the long run to optimize the product.  Rakuten Linkshare has been voted the number one affiliate marketing network for seven years straight.
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Top tips for affiliate marketing on Instagram

When starting out doing affiliate marketing on Instagram, you may be overwhelmed.  Are you doing it right?  Are you reaching your true potential with affiliate marketing?  The following are the best tips we have compiled in order for you to be successful with affiliate marketing on Instagram.

  1. Know who you want to target.  Your audience should be one of your main concerns.  What do these people crave?  If your Instagram page is about beauty, it would be in your best interest to find brands for this, such as a cosmetic line or facial care product.  It would even be better if you had used these products before, perhaps showing before and after pictures.
  2. Do not be in it just for the money.  No one was ever success doing something that they did not enjoy.  Having a true passion for affiliate marketing on Instagram will allow you to think of many different avenues to explore when it comes to marketing ideas.  If you have no real desire to liking what you are doing, you will have a very hard time making money from it.
  3. Believe in the products that you are promoting.  If you do not believe in them, how can you expect someone else to purchase them?  If you do not feel that a brand is 100% something that you can get behind, it is best to pass it up and look for something else to promote.
  4. Learn from others that were in your position once.  We all have to start at the bottom at one point or another.  And we all can learn a thing or two from someone who has been in the business longer than us.  Take any pointers you can get from those that have had success.  Do not be afraid to ask other questions.  If you do not know others around you that have done affiliate marketing, consider joining a forum that is aimed towards helping those that are just starting in this.  Or do a search on Facebook for affiliate marketing groups.  There may even be some affiliate marketing networks that will offer training.
  5. Be willing to try different brands.  Just because one brand did not work out for you does not mean that another will not.  Some brands are just easier to promote.  Some have better tools to use for advertising.  Not all of them are equal when it comes to affiliate marketing.  Just because a few have had success does not mean that everyone will.
  6. Do your research about the product you will be promoting.  If you know nothing or little about this product, you certainly can not expect others to be interested.  Compare it to others that are on the market, knowing what advantages it has over similar products.
  7. Always have a plan.  A plan is essential when it comes to being successful.  Know what you want, and how you will get there.  Decide when you will get there, why you will get there, and who will help you get there.
  8. Take notice of what other affiliate marketers are doing.  Keep notes or a board of what trends are popular at the moment so you can stay ahead of your competition.
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Why affiliate marketers fail

No one wants to think about failing when they start affiliate marketing, but sadly, there will be some individuals that will fail.  In fact, only about 5% of individuals that are just starting will succeed.   The following are the most common reasons as to why some fail at doing affiliate marketing on Instagram.

  1. They bombard their followers with way too much information about a product.  Or they ask too many times to try out a product.
  2. An affiliate marketer could fail at Instagram because they do not realize that establishing a relationship with a brand takes time.  It will not happen overnight, and there has to be effort put into marketing in order to succeed.
  3. Many that fail will attempt to do too much.  They believe that if they get their hands in many different niches, they will be more successful.  While this may be true for seasoned affiliate marketers, it is not true for someone that is just starting out.  It is a complex issue getting one affiliate marketing campaign started, especially when you are not certain what you are doing will be a success.
  4. Many that are just starting out do not have enough patience.  Everything we do takes time, and no one ever said it was going to be easy doing affiliate marketing.  If you think you can slap this and that together, and only spend a few minutes on it, and then forget about it, you may as well go somewhere else.  Just remember the old phrase slow and steady wins the race.  This applies to affiliate marketing in a big way.

Other ways to make money on Instagram

The following are other ways to get paid on Instagram:

  • You may want to consider doing sponsored posts for brands that you are interested in.  Let’s face it…most of us hate ads when we are perusing the Internet.  Sponsored posts are a form of ads but in a creative way.  This type of ad is educational to the person reading it and appears as it belongs within the post instead of being an ad that is just there.  Sponsored posts do not make the reader feel like they are being pressured into buying something. If you are interested in selling sponsored posts, you can get in contact with the brand you have in mind.  If this is not a possibility, there are marketplaces for those that do sponsor postings.  Such sites include Grapevine ( must have 5,000 or more followers), CrowdTap, and Shoutcart.  Just know that if you want to dabble in sponsored content, you should really love the niche.  There is no sense in getting into the sponsored content if you can not say that you are behind it 100%.
  • Sell your images to get paid on Instagram.  Instagram is a great spot to sell those images that you are posting anyways.  If you can take and post high-quality images, then you can most certainly make good money from it.  If you post a few images a day and sell each one for $10, you can rake in $140 a week.  Not too shabby for a small amount of work.  A few places you may consider selling your photos include the following:
    • Foap- Images are sold for $10, but you retain a 50% fee, meaning you are paid $5 per photo.
    • Twenty20- Your images will be sold as stock images.  These images also may be made into things of interest to the buyer, such as a phone case.  You will earn 20% of the amount that is sold, no matter if it is just the image or an actual item with the printed image on it. They offer three different photo sizes.  A small will run the buyer $10, a medium $20, and a large $50.
    • PicFair- Picfair lets you upload your image to the site and ask the price you want for it.  They will then add 20%, as well as a small fee to the buyer.
  • Start your own online store.  This is a great way to express your creativity and allows you to be flexible with what you sell.  You can sell digital products, such as an ebook that relates to your niche, or even services.  Or you could sell products that relate to your Instagram page.  An example of this is if your Instagram account deals with natural beauty, selling products that you make that are made with ingredients found in nature, such as honey.

Tips For Money Making on Instagram

When trying to make money on Instagram, there are a few tips that everyone could follow in order to succeed.  Here are a few tips that may help you out.

  1. First, you always need to remain professional.  You should think of your brand as your business.  And business is how you make your money.  It is your livelihood and how you will survive.  You can not miss any deadlines or be late with proposals or anything else.  You must be courteous to all you work with and never ignore those that you are working with currently or those that are trying to work with you.
  2. Use tools to save you time.  Instagram has a wealth of tools out there that will save you so much time that can be spent on other aspects of your Instagram business.  These tools can not only help to edit photos but automate posts as well.  There are even tools that can run reports on your performance.
  3. Know your competitors.  This is a very important aspect that many overlook.  See what they are up to so you can stay ahead of them at all times.
  4. Do not settle for what you are not worth.  You need to know what the going rates are for what you have to offer.  Always stay on top of this so you are not offered what you deserve.
  5. Promotion is key!  Do not be afraid to promote yourself on other channels. This is a great way to make more. Make a blog to showcase yourself to others.  Turn to youtube to make a few videos about your IG.  Link yourself to Facebook.  All of these are wonderful means to get others to see you.


As you can see, it really is possible to earn money on Instagram.  Affiliate marketing programs make it a reality for many to learn how to get paid on Instagram.  There are so many affiliate marketing programs to pick from that anyone can find one that they are interested in.  A good deal of them is easy to set up an account with, making it easy to start earning.  Just have patience, be willing to learn, develop good relationships with your brand, and know what you are promoting.  All of these will set you up for success with affiliate marketing!